PEP Car Eligibility
You must be a GM employee, GM employee's spouse, GM employee's child (25 years of age or under and still living at home). To purchase a PEP Vehicle.

You must be at least a level eight working for GM to qualify for a "Drive and Buy" PEP vehicle.

Are you a GM Employee wanting to purchase or lease a GM PEP car or truck from GM's PEP car inventory?
Are you a GM Employee who qualifies to order, drive and buy a PEP car?
PepCars.Com is your online resource for PEP car purchases, PEP car locating and PEP car ordering.

Whether its from the available GM PEP inventory or you Qualify to order, drive as a company car and buy the PEP car, we can assist you with your PEP car needs.

A convenient one stop place to get a PEP car - we are affiliated with the GM dealerships and not sponsored by GM itself.
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